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Letty Dornfeld is a senior at Case Western. Her time on campus has been enriched by the support network and volunteer opportunities available through the Newman Ministry. She is thrilled to help lead Newman as President this year, and her goal in this position is to expand upon ways to enhance the community and to help our neighbors, such as through the St. Malachi Center, which provides resources to those living on the West Side of Cleveland.

Vice President

Monica is a third-year Communication Sciences and Psychology double-major, and is so honored and excited to have been elected one of this year’s Vice Presidents for Newman. Being a part of Newman these past two years has been an incredibly positive and faith-enriching experience for her. Last year, Monica held two leadership positions in Newman: Social Outreach Chair and FYSH Mentor. These have given her the experience and knowledge of what it takes to help the Case Catholic Newman Organization fulfill its mission — spreading Christ’s love to those we encounter. Working closely with the rest of the leadership team has allowed Monica to see the amount of hard work and preparation that are required to effectively run this organization. Monica is extremely passionate about this ministry. She says having a relationship with Christ is something she wants everyone to experience, and getting to help lead Newman provides her with this opportunity. Her time in Newman has given her the chance to connect with people who share a common love for and value of Christ, which can often be hard to find at Case. In her role as Vice President, Monica works to create events to grow and strengthen our organization, ensures the success of our FIDES Peer Ministry, and guarantees that students' opinions are heard to help make our organization the best that it can be. Monica is extremely honored and excited to hold this position.

Vice President

Aaron is a junior at Case Western. During his first two years here at CWRU, the Case Catholic Campus Ministry has meant a lot to him, and he loves being part of such an amazing group built on faith. This community is something that he didn’t really have in his hometown, and he says it has helped him grow closer to God and keep Jesus in his heart throughout his day. It has been a source of fun, fellowship, and faith formation! Aaron is excited to have the opportunity to continue to be part of our ministry’s leadership team as one of its Vice Presidents. He previously served on the leadership team as the FYSH coordinator, and some goals he has for this year are to  strengthen the community aspect of the ministry through events and group prayer, and to increase the ministry's engagement at CWRU so that we can better share the love and joy of God with those around us.

Labre Co-President

Bridget Croniger is a junior at Case. She has had the privilege of being involved with the Labre ministry since her freshman year, and this year she will be serving as Co-President with Brandon! Bridget is so excited to help share this responsibility, and she hopes to maintain the strong connection between Labre and the larger Newman ministry. Bridget is delighted to be serving as Labre Co-President for the 2019-2020 school year!

Labre Co-President

Brandon is a junior majoring in Cognitive Science who has been a part of Newman Campus Ministry since the fall of his freshman year, and a part of Case Labre since the spring of his freshman year. He currently serves as Labre Co-President with Bridget, while upholding his other tasks as a driver during as many Monday night runs as he can lead. He ran a very successful donation drive in ResLife that brought in almost 6 boxes full of clothes, bags, and other useful items that could either be passed out to the people the ministry sees or donated to the local shelters in the area. Some of Brandon's goals for the ministry this year include route improvement and increasing volunteer participation. He plans to develop occasional care package events during which students can prepare supplies to pass out at upcoming runs. He hopes to see you on a run, and if you have any questions or suggestions for Case Labre, please email him ( or check out "CRWU Labre" on Facebook!

Treasurer/Website Manager

Madi Weldon is a second-year Nursing major here at Case Western. Outside of the Newman Center, she is involved in Students for Life, Women's Club Soccer, Residence Hall Association, Nurses Christian Fellowship, and Women's Weightlifting Club. Her goals for the Newman Center this year are to increase student awareness of events in order to increase participation, and to institute group-wide service projects, as service has been an extremely fruitful part of her life so far. Above all, she hopes to solidify the bonds among the students involved with the Newman Center, so that all may walk in faith together. 

Secretary/Social Media Manager

Adriana is a sophomore at Case. Right now, she is also involved in Public Relations for Case in Point A Cappella, and she loves designing posters and taking photos! She also has some experience filling in for Case in Point's secretary and taking minutes. Adriana is still pretty new to Newman, but she greatly appreciates the sense of community she has found within the ministry. She knows that she has a lot of growing to do spiritually, so she feels blessed to have found people who are so welcoming and supportive of her journey. She has also enjoyed participating in events like services at Amasa Stone Chapel, Newman Nights, and Labre, and has been happily surprised by how easy it is to get involved in Newman in her spare time. One of Adriana's goals is to get to know more of the people in Newman. She wants to show people how fun and easy it is to get involved, and welcome them to the warm environment that she has had the pleasure of coming to know.