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Lauren Gonzalez is a senior double majoring in Civil Engineering and Pre-Architecture and minoring in Art History. Since she was a freshman, Newman has been a large part of Lauren's day-to-day life. She has been very involved in Labre and her small group and has made lots of close friendships because of it.

Lauren's favorite Newman memory is the annual Newman Secret Santa as well as apple picking and destroying escape rooms with the leadership team. It's hard for her to pick only one memory. As president of Newman, Lauren hopes to extend the love and friendship that she received during her experience with Newman to new and returning members of Case Newman. Lauren is thankful and excited that God has given her this opportunity to serve the Case Catholic community.

Co-Vice President

Mariana Tamayo is a 2023 graduate from CWRU where she completed undergraduate studies in Accounting and Music. Coming from the beautiful island of Guam, she is working on her Master's in Accountancy. However, Mariana has been a part of Newman since her freshman year ! It was important for her to find a community where she knew she would be welcomed by others who shared her faith and love for God. Since then, she has made wonderful and meaningful connections with so many people through Christ. Mariana hopes to grow the connections with ourselves, the community, and with Christ. Mariana wants Newman to become a safe space for students of all different walks of life to come together. Her favorite Newman memory is solving escape rooms with the leadership team. It brought out the leadership team's competitive side and critical thinking. Mariana loves to bake, crochet, and binge-watch TV shows. 

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Co-Vice President

Cason Willman is a junior, hailing from Minneapolis, MN, majoring in both Classics and Pre-Med. Of especial significance to him are the memories and close friendships he's made at Newman, be it at Mitchell's after Thursday's Newman Nights or deep conversations about Scripture with spiritual director Steve Perry. He is deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as Vice President and hopes to hold it with sufficient dignity, as would a consul of Ancient Rome or an archon of Ancient Athens. 



Anthony Zogaib, a senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Music, cannot wait to serve as Case Catholic’s secretary and student worker for the upcoming year! To Anthony, Newman has truly felt like  a gift from God. Over the past few years, Newman has allowed him to delve deeper into his relationship with God and to make lifelong, faith-filled friendships. 

Anthony’s favorite Newman memory was the “In His Image Retreat” held at St. Peter’s Church which focused on how we are all made in God’s image and likeness. At the retreat, he was able to share a testimony with everyone to engage in powerful small group discussions. He looks forward to help in planning another retreat this year!

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Brandon Moore is a sophomore majoring in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Brandon is looking forward to the upcoming year as the Treasurer for Case Catholic. For the past year, the Case Catholic community has helped him become grounded in his faith and his personal relationship with God. Brandon’s favorite Newman memories include watching the Super Bowl at the Heath education Campus and having bible studies during exam week to ease stress. Being part of a community that is not only connected in faith, but also rooted in genuine friendships has been an invaluable experience for him. He is looking forward to the upcoming events and the relationships yet to be made!

Public Relations Chair

Caroline Casey is a third year majoring in Nursing. She is grateful to have the opportunity to serve as PR chair for Case’s Catholic community. Growing up, she found great joy in learning about her faith through the saints and small group bible study. After transferring to Case, Newman has become an important community for her continued spiritual growth. She has enjoyed Newman Nights and other experiences to grow deeper in her faith with peers. Caroline’s favorite experience so far has been the Lenten retreat at Historic St. Peter’s Church where students listened to student-led talks and had discussions in small groups. She also has enjoyed the annual Newman Secret Santa, the Super Bowl gathering at HEC, and other weekend activities. Caroline looks forward to helping foster and grow an even stronger community of faith!

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