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Rising senior Monica Karam says she thinks that one of the greatest ways God shows His love for us is through other people. As she's sure everyone can relate to, this past month has allowed her to truly appreciate the blessing of community. What makes a community so meaningful is the people who make it up, as well as the mission it seeks to live out. Without a doubt, she knows that the Newman community is a gift from God, made up of inspiring people who seek the greatest mission of all time: bringing Christ to the world! Being a part of Newman since her freshmen year has been such a faith-enriching experience for Monica that she want to help others have, too. She is thankful for how she has grown by being witness to the incredible faith that the Newman students have shared. Her time on the Leadership Team the past two years has given her the opportunity to lead others who are also passionate about the Catholic faith. It’s shown her how we can best work together to build our bonds with one another, and--most importantly--our personal bonds with Christ. She's so grateful for how our organization has grown this year, and she hopes that she can't wait to start further strengthening this amazing community in the role of President :)

Vice President

Rising senior Aaron Wise says our Newman Ministry has meant a lot to him throughout his college experience. Newman has been a place of comfort, yet a place where he's felt challenged to grow; a place of community, yet a place for self-exploration and self-knowledge; and a place of fun, yet for the glory of God. He says the group has been instrumental to him in learning about his beliefs and growing in faith. Acting as one of our Vice Presidents this past year has pushed him out of his comfort zone in a multitude of ways, such as praying with strangers and leading faith-related talks, and it has been incredibly fruitful and joyful for him! In his last year of undergrad, Aaron is glad to continue in his role of Vice President for our Leadership Team. Other previous roles he's held within our ministry include FIDES Peer Minister and FYSH (First-Year Spiritual Home) Coordinator. Some goals that he would like to continue working on for next year include growing in fellowship among each other and increasing our engagement and connection to our CWRU campus and our Cleveland home. He looks forward to seeing how God will work through all of us next year, how we will follow closer to Jesus and better make Him known, and the growth that is to come--both individually and as a group!

Vice President

This past year was Garrett Marchetti's first year at CWRU, and thus his first year of involvement with the Newman Campus Ministry. He is currently undeclared but is leaning towards a Psychology major. Garrett says he remembers at the beginning of the school year that, above all others, Newman was the group he wanted to join. He expected to meet people who welcomed him and had a passionate love for Jesus, and he says this is exactly what he has found! He has enjoyed being a member of Newman so much, and would love to help contribute to the continued success of the ministry. He says that Aaron and Monica were wonderful Vice Presidents, and if elected, he hopes to build upon the work that they have done to do his part in making Newman the best it can be. 

Labre President

Susie Austin is a rising sophomore Nursing major here at Case Western, and she is thrilled to be serving as President of Labre this coming school year! She has loved getting involved in different Newman ministries in her first year, including Labre runs, the Labre Leadership Team, FIDES, and Newman Nights. She says these activities have been so enriching and provided a wonderful, faithful community for her. She is very passionate about her faith and wants to be a witness of Christ’s love, embodying the motto of St. Benedict: “ora et labora,” translated “work and pray,” always centered in Christ, the source. She is very excited to be able to work with Newman to help serve the homeless here in Cleveland! 


Olivia is a rising junior Chemical Engineering student here at Case. She says that events like FIDES groups, Newman nights, and retreats have been incredibly beneficial in strengthening her faith. She attests that it is such a privilege to be part of this community centered around growing our relationship with Christ. She is fit for her new role as Secretary because she is a very organized and motivated person, and is passionate about growing and sharing her faith. College is a challenging and fast-paced season of life, but it can also be a time where we truly grow closer to God. She says this is what she has experienced in Newman. As a part of the Leadership Team, she would dedicate herself to the responsibilities of Secretary so that Newman can run smoothly and continue to be a community where anyone can grow in faith. She is incredibly thankful for the experiences, conversations, and friendships she has made in Newman, and can't wait to make a more active contribution as Secretary.


All the way from Guam, Mariana is a rising second-year majoring in Accounting with a secondary major in Music. She is also involved with Beta Alpha Psi and Filipino Student Union. Through Newman, Mariana has been able to find a community of faith while at Case Western, and hopes to grow in her connections with Christ and her peers. She loves to express her faith through music, especially singing at Holy Hour on Newman Nights. In Guam, she is a parishioner of Santa Barbara Church and enjoys being a part of the music ministry there. Mariana hopes to create a loving and welcoming environment for all students, where they can connect with one another and with Christ.

Public Relations Chair

Claire Pratt is a rising junior Nursing student, and is so excited to serve on the Newman Leadership Team! She says she has met some amazing people in Newman, people that have become inspirations, friends, and leaders to her. She feels that Newman has helped her to grow deeper in faith and enhance her college experience, and she hopes to help others do this as well. She is thrilled to be Newman PR Chair because she is very organized and loves Newman. She says the Newman members are the people she wants to support and with whom she wants to grow in faith together, which she knows she'll be able to do in this position. Claire wants to keep Newman members informed and engaged. She says she loves our community and is excited to be included in the Leadership Team to continue to love our community in the best possible way. She plans to use all of her skills in this position. She is a peer tutor for Nursing students, is in a sorority on campus, and works at the Cleveland Clinic in the ICU. She also run the Case Catholic Youtube channel with videos she makes about faith and our community (so check it out :) ). As PR Chair, Claire will ensure that all of our social media pages and our website remain up to date, and would take more pictures to display our Newman community. She says she feels so blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait to begin serving as Public Relations Chair for the 2020-2021 school year!