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O L I V I A   N E V I N S

Olivia Nevins is a senior studying chemical engineering, and she is originally from Wisconsin. The experiences she has had in Newman have enriched her faith in so many ways, and she feels blessed to be part of such an incredible example of Christian community. In particular, the past few years have demonstrated to her how community is so essential to living out the Catholic faith. Previously, she served as Secretary, and had the opportunity to plan the 2021 Spring Retreat. This year, she is honored to serve as President and further contribute to building up our community. She is excited to see the new ways that our community will grow closer together and closer to God.

C L A I R E   P R A T T
Vice President

Claire Pratt is a senior Nursing student, and is so excited to serve on the Newman Leadership Team! She says she has met some amazing people in Newman, people that have become inspirations, friends, and leaders to her. She feels that Newman has helped her to grow deeper in faith and enhance her college experience, and she hopes to help others do this as well. She is thrilled to be Newman Vice President because she is very organized and loves Newman. She says the Newman members are the people she wants to support and with whom she wants to grow in faith together, which she knows she'll be able to do in this position. Claire wants to keep Newman members informed and engaged. She says she loves our community and is excited to be included in the Leadership Team to continue to love our community in the best possible way. She plans to use all of her skills in this position. She is a peer tutor for Nursing students, is in a sorority on campus, and works at the Cleveland Clinic in the ICU. She also run the Case Catholic Youtube channel with videos she makes about faith and our community (so check it out :) ).  She says she feels so blessed to have this opportunity and can't wait to begin serving as Vice President this school year!

Claire Pratt.jpg
Labre Presidents

Ryan Murray is a senior Finance and Accounting student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Prior to Case Western, he attended Pittsburgh Central Catholic where he was a member of the campus ministry executive board where he helped organize mission trips, retreats, and various fundraising efforts. A lifelong Catholic, Ryan is excited to co-lead the Labre ministry and serve the homeless in Cleveland and says, “I have been volunteering with Labre since freshman year and it has been great to develop relationships with some of the homeless in our community and have seen firsthand the impact that this ministry can have.” 


Jonathan Ockunzzi is a Senior from Cleveland studying business at Case. He has been involved in Labre since the beginning of his Freshman year. His favorite part about Labre is getting the opportunity to hear the stories of the people that we meet and being able to share the love of Christ with those who are marginalized in our society. He is excited for this opportunity to lead Labre and further its mission of compassion for those who are "poor in the eyes of man but rich in the eyes of God." 


Anthony Zogaib, a sophomore majoring in Communication Sciences and Music, cannot wait to serve as Case Catholic’s secretary for the upcoming year! In addition to his duties as secretary, Anthony will also be co-leading a FIDES group with fellow Leadership team members, Lauren and Megan, focusing on theological and Biblical topics. About our Ministry he says: "To me, Newman has truly been a gift from God. After only a year, it has come to feel like a home to me, and its members like my family. Through the talks and lectures, I have come to understand my faith on a deeper, and more thoughtful level. Through Newman Nights and FIDES groups, I have found a community that is supporting, loving, and Christ-centered. Through the Labre ministry, I have been able to use my actions to help others and live my faith. Even given the constraints of the pandemic, Newman has transformed my life for the better, and I hope to share this with everyone whether they be new or returning members!"


Megan Walsh, a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Music, is passionate about her faith and the growth of our ministry. She has loved being part of the Catholic community at Case and looks forward to being even more involved. She believes that one thing our ministry should be built on is community. She was pleasantly surprised with how much her faith has grown while being in Newman and she can attribute a huge part of this growth to the people who have made her experience so enjoyable. She feels blessed to have a group of people who encourage her to be the best version of herself and to always seek Christ. She is eager to develop relationships with others and help them in their faith journey by being an influence like the upperclassmen have been for her. She believes that as Catholics, it is our job to hold each other accountable in our faith and worship as a group, so she is looking forward to being a leader and strengthening our community even more! 

L A U R E N   G O N Z A L E Z
Public Relations Chair

Lauren Gonzalez is a sophomore double majoring in Civil Engineering a. During her freshman year, Newman was a large part of Lauren's day-to-day life. She was very involved in her FIDES group and made lots of close friendships because of it. Her favorite part of her freshman year was being able to spend time with her friends from Newman both in FIDES and in activities outside of Newman. As part of the Leadership Team, Lauren hopes to extend the love and friendship that she received during her freshman year to new and returning members of Case Newman. As Public Relations Chair, Lauren will ensure that everyone is updated on the latest happenings in Case Catholic. She will manage the Case Catholic social media pages and website and post pictures of the various events that have happened. Lauren is excited to be able to serve the Case Catholic community and is thankful that God has given her this opportunity to connect more with the Newman community at Case. 

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