Case Catholic is an active ministry with several engaging and faith-centered initiatives for students.  These recurring programs offer an opportunity to stay connected and participate in Case Catholic events regularly. Check back here for updates and postings of events!

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Thursday at 7:00 | Virtual Newman Night: "Hot Ones" AMA 

Thursday, December 3 at 7pm
Normally, we finish off the semester with a game night, but this semester has been out of the ordinary so we did our game night before you all left campus. That left me with a question: what would be something fun to do for our final Thursday that also can help us grow in faith as we typically do at Newman Nights. My solution? A reddit-style "ask me anything..."
...With a twist.
Those of you who have seen the YouTube series "Hot Ones" and their sub-series "Truth or Dab" may know where I'm going with this. I'm going to give you all a chance to ask me any question you've had about the Catholic faith, anything you've wanted to know or to understand better, and I'm going to try to give a good answer to every question. If I can't give a good answer, there's a consequence for me: I will have an assortment of increasingly spicy foods in front of me, and every time there's a question I can't give a good answer to - I will eat the next spiciest thing. So if you've ever wanted to see someone with a mouth freshly burning from eating a Carolina Reaper sauce trying to explain why different Christian traditions have different levels of devotion to the Virgin Mary, or to try to dodge eating a raw habanero pepper by explaining why we have so many images of Jesus and the saints when one of the commandments is "you shall not make a graven image," this may be the only chance you get in your lifetime to do so!
Join us at Zoom ID: 925 9556 2361 Passcode: 535565

FIDES Sign-ups for Spring
We had another great semester of FIDES this year, and I'm so grateful to all of our student ministers for doing such an awesome job in leading their small group communities! From studies on the Seven Deadly Sins or the Virgin Mary, to working together through books about "Why We're Catholic," to free conversations about controversial subjects in the Church, there is a FIDES group for everyone! If you didn't participate in FIDES this semester and would like to join a group, or if you need to switch groups next semester for any reason, fill out

If you're already in a group and plan to stick with the same group of people, you're good and don't need to do anything!

Virtual SEEK Conference 2/4-2/7
Two years ago, we took a small group of students to the Fellowship of Catholic University Students' national SEEK conference, which was an incredible and deeply enriching experience! This winter, FOCUS is going to be making this conference virtual so that Catholic college students around the country can have that same experience virtually. This conference will include talks by some of the biggest names in the American Catholic Church and beyond, and will equip us all to be forces for the Gospel in our universities and communities across the country.
This year, Newman will cover 100% of the cost of students who want access to this virtual conference. We've got 10 slots to fill, and may be able to add more if more are interested.
Sign up at

Virtual Graduate and Professional Student Lectio Divina Group

If you’d like to be a part of our weekly lectio divina and faith sharing group for graduate students, contact Julia O’Brien and she can get you the weekly link!

IFC: Graduate Bible Study

Wednesdays, 6pm

We’re on to week six of our Bible Study on Mary this week! We’re shifting directions a little bit from talking about the typical teachings about Mary that Christians from other denominations disagree with, to talking about why we give Mary the moniker “Mother of Sorrows.” Join us in the IFC or email for a Zoom link.

Praying Rosary for the Homeless

Every Monday from 7-7:30pm

Join us to pray together for those we meet on our runs, as well as any others experiencing homelessness in the Cleveland area and beyond, tonight at 7:00! Join us using the information below:

Zoom Meeting ID: 963 4971 8532

Passcode: 112818

If you cannot make it, no worries, here is the template for the rosary we pray! Check it out.


Our weekly talk series.  Enjoy fellowship with other Case Catholics, and learn and grow on your faith and spiritual journey. The fall 2020 semester will have Newman Nights on Zoom and a couple in person. Check back to the website for more information and Zoom links.

Thursday nights

Program from 6:30-8:00pm


Launched Fall of 2019, FIDES is a small group ministry that seeks to bring together Newman Catholic students, regardless of their year in school, and help them to grow their faith together. Each small group is led by an undergraduate student, and is composed of around ten other students, who decide in what way they will walk toward Christ together, be it a video series, a Bible study, or some other sort of discussion. To sign up for a Fall 2020 FIDES group, fill out the form at


The main weekly service commitment of Case Catholic is named after St. Benedict Joseph Labre who lived among the poor on the streets. Although we bring a hot meal and other necessities to our friends, conversation and companionship are the most important gifts we give -- and receive.

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Do you have questions about where God is calling you to use your gifts and talents?

Would you like support in developing your relationship with god and making life choices?

A spiritual director is a compassionate listener with a strong background in theology and spirituality. He or she can help you sort through your thoughts and feelings as you grow in your faith, choose a career, or discern about your long term vocation.

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