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My name is Mariana Tamayo and I am a rising senior majoring in accounting and music. Even before arriving at CWRU, I knew that I wanted to be involved with Newman Campus Ministry. It was important for me to find a community where I knew I would be welcomed by others who shared my faith and love for God. Since then, I have made wonderful and meaningful connections with so many people through Christ. In my second year, I was the Treasurer for the leadership team. Although this year I was primarily back home in Guam because of Covid, I made sure to communicate well with the others on the Executive Team. I was unable to physically be on campus, but I did not let this diminish my responsibility to our community. If elected for President, I hope to grow the connections with ourselves, the community, and with Christ. Coming from a small island, the importance of community has become greatly important to me. I want Newman to become a safe space for students of all different walks of life to come together. If President, I want to be a servant of the people and community. My goal is to continue that same sense of community that Newman gave to me back when I started at CWRU. Thank you for your support. 





Megan Walsh, a rising junior majoring in Psychology and Music, is passionate about her faith and the growth of our ministry. She seeks to advance the gospel and further the kingdom of God in whatever capacity God is calling for her. She believes that one thing our ministry should be built on is community. She is pleasantly surprised with how much her faith has grown while being in Newman and she can attribute a huge part of this growth to the people who have made her experience so enjoyable. She feels blessed to have a group of people who encourage her to be the best version of herself and to always seek Christ first. She is eager to develop relationships with others and help them in their faith journey by allowing God to speak through her. She believes that as Catholics, it is our job to love others and show each other who Christ is by how we live our lives, so she is looking forward to being a leader and strengthening our community even more!



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I'm interested in running for secretary in the Executive Leadership Team for the Evangelization Training Group. I am so excited at the opportunity to be a part of so intriguing and fulfilling a collective and I feel that I could contribute to its success in the position of secretary. I think that this position would both allow me to utilize my specific talents as well as dip my toes in the proverbial waters of Case Catholic leadership. I am very good at taking note of a lot of information in a brief span of time, which seems prerequisite for a position such as secretary for taking minutes. Moreover, I have always prided myself on my responsibility and discipline in things, so attending events and taking strict and thorough minutes would not be a mere perfunctory task but an accomplishable one which would fit right into my strengths and, in so utilizing them, I could bring something to the table of the Case Catholic leadership team.  


Hi everyone! My name is Lauren Gonzalez and I am a rising junior majoring in Civil Engineering and Pre-Architecture. I am running for vice president of Case Newman. Newman has been a very large part of my life since my freshman year at Case. I have been extremely involved with Newman, from coming to Newman Night pretty much every week, going to FIDES groups, volunteering for Labre, and also to serving as part of the Executive Leadership Team for Newman. This past year I served as Public Relations Chair, so I am very familiar with the organization and how it runs and the many plans it has for growing in the future. I would love to be apart of helping Newman to grow, not as PR Chair, but as Vice President. My ultimate goal with Newman is to help everyone who is a part of or wants to become a part of our group feel loved and accepted and supported and I believe that being Vice President would help me to achieve this goal. 


Newman has truly been a gift from God. After only two semesters, it has come to feel like a home to me, and its members like my family. Through the talks and lectures, I have come to understand my faith on a deeper, and more thoughtful level. Through Newman Nights and FIDES groups, I have found a community that is supporting, loving, and Christ-centered. Through the Labre ministry, I have been able to use my actions to help others and live my faith. Even given the constraints of the pandemic, Newman has transformed my life for the better because it has helped me grow spiritually more than any other point in my life. Serving as the secretary on the Leadership Team this past year has been a wonderful experience. I find it so fulfilling that I can contribute ideas and work to help the group I love so much, and if given the opportunity to be secretary again, I would love to continue to help Newman grow and blossom. 



Thank you for considering me as your 2022-2023 Newman PR chair. The best way I can describe the Newman ministry is a home away from home. As one of the newest students on campus, it’s been so relieving to have the Newman ministry welcome me with open arms and help me adjust to life on campus. So far I’ve met so many great people and I can’t wait to continue building this community of God for years to come. I’ve decided to run for PR chair because I would like to contribute to the Newman Ministry using my own particular talents and
experience. Back when I was a junior in high school, my brother and I decided to start a marketing company. Fast forward to today and we employ over twenty people providing services including social media management, networking, lead generation, and website management. Utilizing the skills I’ve learned working for clients, I believe I can make a profound impact on Newman’s online presentation. If I were to be elected, I would begin by doing the following: First, I’d build Newman’s presence on social media, designing and posting visually
appealing updates and announcements. For example, I would make celebratory holiday posts such as this one (shown below) I just threw together for Easter.
Second, I would keep the website up to date as well as implement new features such as a supplementary announcement page for all of Holy Rosary’s upcoming events. Lastly, I would reach out and start conversations with prominent catholic organizations, speakers, and theologians from across the country, with the goal of looking for potential collaboration opportunities.

In Christ,
Peter Gittings


Hi everyone! My name is Sydney Rubenstein and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Communication Sciences. Being a part of Newman this past year has truly been one of the best parts about being away at college. The people I have met are absolutely incredible, and I always leave each meeting feeling uplifted and inspired. Last year, when I was deciding whether or not I wanted to go to Case, the first thing I did was check to see if they had a Newman center. The moment I found Newman’s Instagram and saw the events that they had and the people involved, I knew that this was the right school for me. I was so relieved to see that there were going to be students at my future college who share their Catholic faith and are choosing to participate in a group like while in college. My goal as PR chair is to make both prospective and current students have the same feeling I did. The feeling that there are people who are passionate about their Catholic faith too. I believe that the image we put out as a club is very important, so I am going to strive to reflect Jesus well through social media. I will be very active on both our Instagram page and our website, posting pictures from events, and making posts about upcoming ones too. With this, I will encourage members to repost what is posted on Newman’s Instagram, therefore recruiting more members. I believe that I am responsible, hardworking, and passionate, and I know I would be a great fit for this position. I hope that you consider me as your PR chair! 

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As a transfer student and first year nursing student at Case, it has been a blessing to become part of Case Catholic’s kind and welcoming community. In the last few years, I have participated in various experiences that have fostered my interest and experience in PR/social media. In high school, I worked for my school’s research center which gave me the opportunity to organize speakers and activities in event programming for PreK-12 students. With photography experience, I photographed sporting events and content for school publications. As a first year at my previous university, I was elected as PR chair for their neuroscience society and Social Media Chair for their plant based community. Although meetings were virtual due to the pandemic, I was regularly active on their social media and organized events, fundraisers, and speakers. If I were to have this position in Case Catholic, I would contribute my past experience with photography and PR responsibilities as well as introduce new, creative ideas for growing the Case faith community. As PR Chair, I would hope to make Newman's online presence a welcoming introduction for prospective students and a genuine representation of the bold, compassionate, and faith-filled members of our community. 

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