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Hi, my name is Lauren Gonzalez and I am a junior at Case. I am running to be next year's President for Case Catholic. I have extensive experience being on Case Catholic's leadership. This year, I served as Vice President and my sophomore year, I served as PR Chair. During my time as vice president, I have helped to plan many events such ad apple picking. During my time as PR Chair, I ran the Instagram page and greatly increased our online presence. I believe that being President of Newman would help me be bolder in my faith which will help Newman be a welcoming environment where we can all grow in faith and fellowship together. It is my hope that our community will be able to grow and I will ensure that Newman creates more time for community outside of Newman Night. While I was unable to attend Newman Night this year due to class conflicts, I am excited to be able to spend my senior year planning and attending as many Newman events as I can. I am excited to have the opportunity to run for Case Catholic's President.




Hello! My name is Anthony and I am a rising senior majoring in Communication Sciences and Music. I am incredibly excited to run again for secretary of Case Catholic. During the past 3 years here at CWRU, Newman has been my second home and each Newman Night feels like a family dinner.  I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to grow in my faith with so many wonderful people. As secretary for the following year, I hope to continue to cultivate this special environment. Moreover, I hope to continue our outreach on campus and to new students through thoughtful planning and engagement. If elected for a third term as secretary, I will continue to uphold my high standards of work and be open to any and all suggestions for how we can improve our ministry.


Hey everyone! My name is Mariana and I am running for Vice President for the upcoming academic year. Although I'm graduating this May, I'm an integrated Master's student, so I'll be sticking around for another year! I've been involved with Newman Campus Ministry since my freshman year in 2019 and I am so proud of the growth of the Newman community since then. I have had the amazing opportunity to serve as treasurer and Vice President in previous years and want to continue giving what I can to the CWRU community. In my role on the leadership team, I want to foster compassion and an openness to learning more about God and His works. In the last 4 years, God has put me on interesting paths but I am so fortunate that I had those in Newman to guide me. As Vice President, I want to continue doing this for those on campus. We are all at different places in our faith and we need one another to experience God's full and undying love.


As I prepared for college, one of my concerns was finding a community that would lead me closer to God. I was fortunate to grow up in a parish with an on fire highschool ministry, and I knew I wanted to find a similar group in college. After attending a couple Newman events, I knew I found a community that would walk with me. Throughout my first year of college, I have continually been filled with joy and peace at Newman nights, small group meetings, and attending Mass with my friends. Being involved with Newman campus ministry has been a pivotal part of my first year of college, and I desire to give the same experience to other students. In highschool, I was on my youth group leadership team for three years; in this role I invited people to events, went through biweekly disciple formation, and gave testimonies. Because of this prior experience as well as the ways I have strengthened my faith through Newman, I feel equipped to serve as a leader for Newman campus ministries.



Hello, I'm Cason, a rising junior majoring in Classics and pre-med. Newman nights and the Case Catholic community have been such a support for me during my time at CWRU; I have met some wonderful people who have enriched my life in incredible ways. It must be the Holy Spirit's gift of grace, that is the only explanation I can muster. I cannot thank Case Catholic enough for all that it has given me. My only worthwhile attempt at thanks would be giving back to Case Catholic in return for all the ways in which the community has helped me in my journeys of academic and spiritual life. I am therefore running for treasurer. I've become interested in the position upon becoming Vice President of the Classics fraternity. After collaborating with the treasurer to organize a possible trip for next semester, I realized just how important the treasurer and the manager of club finances is and, importantly, how much vivacity and Christian camaraderie the position can aid in effecting.


Starting my freshman year at Case, I didn't know a whole lot of people and knew even less about faith on campus. Through Case Catholic and Newman Nights, I’ve been able to make valuable friendships and have met many amazing people. In return, I would love to devote my time to Case Catholic and help to run all of these incredible events. I believe that I would be a great addition to the Case catholic leadership team as the Treasurer. Business has always been a part of my life, from organizing financial purchases for a national project to even pursuing a minor in business management at Case. To be able to manage the Case Catholic budget as well as payments would be a great use of my skills in reliability, attention to detail, and diligence as well as my strong computational abilities. Faith is also a huge part of my life as I’ve been able to grow in my relationship with God through Case Catholic. Being able to assist an organization that helps form a community centered around God would be a privilege.



As a transfer student and second year nursing student at Case, it has been a blessing to become part of Case Catholic’s kind and welcoming community. In the last few years, I have participated in various opportunities that have fostered my interest and experience in PR/social media. Working in my high school’s research center allowed me to organize speakers and activities in event programming for PreK-12 students. With photography and social media experience, I photographed sporting events and content for school publications as well as regularly updated their social media. At my previous university, I was elected as PR/Social media chair for two community organizations. Although meetings were virtual due to the pandemic, I was regularly active on their social media and organized events, fundraisers, and speakers. If I were to have this position in Case Catholic, I would contribute my past experience with photography and PR responsibilities as well as introduce new, creative ideas for growing the Case faith community. As PR Chair, I would hope to make Newman's online presence a welcoming introduction for prospective students and a genuine representation of the bold, compassionate, and faith-filled members of our community.

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